Roar Electra

Synthphonic Rock Music

Roar Electra. Now there’s an intriguing title, one that connotes ferocity and eclecticism. Those are two words that conjure up thoughts of strength and finesse, of arty intricacies tempered by no-nonsense musicianship. Those two words also happen to be the title of Mike Dawson’s eighth studio album. 


Photography by James Bland

Texas is the home and inspiration for great music and musicians.

Texas World Music is a record label and production company started by Mike Dawson in 1999.

Dawson produces music album projects, radio broadcasts, and films. He demonstrates that he is a dedicated and prolific creative artist in his songwriting, composing, filmmaking, and production skills.

He is an advocate of music education and science literacy. His STEAM advocacy project Assignment Universe works to support education efforts throughout the world.

In 2017 Dawson’s Assignment Universe started the interview podcast Dreamers2MakersThe interview show features Grammy winning artists, award winning filmmakers, journalists, authors, explorers, and world renowned scientists.



The phrase "Tough and Competent" was created by NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz and became the rallying cry of NASA and the Mission Control crew after the Apollo 1 disaster that killed NASA astronauts Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee on January 27, 1967.

Dreamers2Makers Podcast | Guest: Kyle Sullivan EP004 Kyle Sullivan is a filmmaker-scientist and is the Grand Prize Winner of the Oceanwide Expedition 2017 Antarctic Contest.

In 1969 Roar Electra's songwriter and bandleader Mike Dawson witnessed the Apollo 11 launch. This formative life experience made its way into his professional life when "Moonrise" was written for the album "When the Bell Rings." The album features UK singer Angie Mack in addition to songwriter/producer Mike Dawson of Roar Electra.


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